View form submissions

As described in the Event booking settings page forms are attached to events and implemented when a user "signs up" for the event. Form submissions can be viewed from a number of places in the system, including:

How to view submissions

1. From the attendee sidebar menu item

Attendee Index

This page is the main index for all form submissions. It is possible to filter the submissions based on the event they were submitted to, the form that was used or a free search where you may search for the name of the attendee submitting the form.

2. The view form submission button in the form index

Form submissions link

Clicking on this button will link the user directly to the attendee index page with the form automatically selected and the resulkts showing all form submissions that belong to that form.

3. The event attendee list in the event attendee modal.

Event Attendee List

Clicking on this link will show the form submission for that attendee in a sidebar.

Viewing form submission details

Form Submission Details

The details of each form that has been submitted can be view by clicking on the attendee's name or clicking on the form submission icon.

Viewing Form Submission Details

Printing form submission

If you need to print the form submission you can do this by clicking on the print icon in the form submission panel.

Printing Form Submission Details

Link to attendee form

In the case that you may need to see the form that the user submitted on the website or even provide the link for the attendee you can click on the link to attendee form button in the form detail panel.

Link to attendee form

Download form submissions

It is possible to download all form submissions into a csv filke ready to be view in microsoft excel or apple numbers. To download this file click on the download icon on the attendee list page.

Link to attendee form

If the attendees that have all filled out the same form then the csv file will contain the data for the forms. Otherwise if the attendees have completed different forms as a part of the registration process then only the basic data common to all attendees will be shown ie name, address, phon enumber, previous attendee and note (where applicable).

If you intend to download the extended data available for each attendee you will need to first select a workshop from the workshop dropdown list. This will ensure that all attendees have completed the same forms and therefore allow for the csv file to contain all of the entries for all of the form entries used by that event attendee.