Form Permissions

It is possible to share your form and the form submissions with a selected group of users in your team. This means that you can share the same forms across multiple events regardless of who is creating the event.

To start editing your form settings click on the Edit Form Settings button in the form editor.

Edit form settings

After clicking this button the form settings panel will show.

A note on sharing forms across your team

An example of this would be where you may have multiple group organisers organising multiple events but within a single training framework.

This means that you could perhaps create single or multiple forms that can be re-used across these events and the data would be compiled and accessible to all users who the form has been shared with. Which will also allow the individual group organisers to create and use forms for their event that are specific to that event.

personal vs team forms

Configuring User Groups

Forms are shared amongst user groups in your team. So in order to share a form you first of all need to ensure that you have user groups created. You may need to ask your team owner to create your desired user groups if you do not have access to this feature.

If you have not yet created any user groups the following notice will be displayed.

No user groups

Creating user groups

To create a user group go to the team page in your dashboard and follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Manuage user groups
  2. Type the name of the new user group
  3. Click the "Add" button
  4. Unfavourite the user group - only non-favourited users can be used as groups to share forms with.

Create user groups

Applying user groups to a form

Once you have created user groups, go back to the form you wish to share with other members of your team.

In the form editor click on the edit form settings button and now you will see the following interface with the option to select user groups to share the form with as well as an option to select the user groups to share the form submissions with.

Create user groups

After doing this any users that belong to the groups specified will be able to see the forms in their form list and / or view the submissions from that form in their attendee list.

Applying a user group to a team member

In the case that you need to apply a user group to a team member this can be done by going to the team page in your dashboard and clicking on the edit button for the member you want to apply the new group to.

Applying user groups to a member