{notice.fa-award} Please note: We are rolling out the v3 of the event editor on July 1st, 2024. From this date all users will be moved to the new editor and v1 and v2 of the editor will no longer be available.

v3 of the editor features an easy to use interface, deep integration with the forms and attendee components and many more new features. You can switch to the new editor here.

One of the core features of the Feelbettr system is it's event functionality.

Feelbettr events provide a sophisticated set of functions for people wanting to run online events and in person events.

The interface

The Feelbettr event editor has undergone a transformation over the last few years seeing it move from v1 which was an advanced wysiwyg (What you see is what you get edit) to a more stripped back simpler interface which we called Quick edit or v2.

Introducing the Simple editor (v3)

In an effort to provide an interface that is both intuitive and flexible we have created the v3 of the Feelbettr event interface which we call the simple Editor. In the spirit of Goldilocks and the three bears some of our users found the advanced editor too hard to use, while others have found the quick edit a little too basic. We are hoping that the new Simple Editor is able to catch the balance of flexibility, functionality as well as giving a more accurate representation of the web page from the event editor.

Editor v3 (Simple Editor)

A combination of v1 and v2 of the editor with an emphasis on the visual representation of the event without being overly complicated. There are some page and section seetings available in a sidebar panel but the majority of the design and content of the event are in visibile editor.

Simple Editor

Editor v2 (Quick Editor)

This editor had no visual design features at all and was a nuts and bolts version of the editor. Using the interface to add the detail for your event there was full oversight over what was included in the event but not visual understanding of what the event may look like.

Simple Editor

Editor v1 (Advanced Editor)

This editor featured Full drag and drop with full control over layput, content etc. It also includes the use of smart tags such as {% title %} used to display attributes of the content item as well as feature rich content widgets.

This editor is still used for editing content items such as pages on your site.

Simple Editor